Yoga, Healing, Meditation - 7 Day Retreat in Bali

Clarity to transform your life, to live healthier, fuller, at peace and harmony

Do you want to know your authentic self and heal your life?

This retreat is designed to improve your quality of life. Achieving a state of being grounded and balanced in a hectic world. Improve your relationships with others, money, and unlock abundance. Find your purpose with clear vision. The retreat program includes nutritional healthy meals, beautiful serene accommodations, daily yoga & meditation, rest & relaxation to process learning, and introduction to healing practices to clean and clear your energy, mind, body, and spirit. Allowing you to unlock your personal power by getting to know your intuition and inner-self.

Providing you tools of self-healing, to enrich your current state of health and provide you direction in creating and implementing your personal practice of yoga, meditation, and healing. Open your heart to the awareness of presence to live gratefully and abundantly.

Utilizing accessible knowledge for beginners and students of all levels of yoga and meditation to bring about powerful transformations and renewed energy. Develop and strengthen your personal practice and rituals.

Experience the deep power of gentle healing modalities, restorative yoga, and meditation to accelerate the body’s natural healing abilities restoring optimal health. Creating your healthy life of harmony, peace, and balance.

Day-to-Day Agenda

Day 1Opening Ceremony

  • Yoga/Movement/Conscious Breath
  • Breakfast
  • Registration, Payment Completion
  • Opening Ceremony Water Purification (off-site)
  • Lunch (off-site)
  • Free time
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Day 2Discover the shit

  • Yoga/Movement/Pranayama
  • Breakfast
  • Unpack your bags!. Intro to Healing Dharma talk & sharing. Releasing burdens: identify what aspects you wish to heal
  • Lunch
  • Self-Healing Practice Workshop
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Day 3Connecting Chakra Centers Understanding Energy

  • Lighten Up: Laughter Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Self-Healing Group Practice. Q &A Questions, Clarity and Understanding
  • Lunch
  • Chakra Check-In Workshop. Discover your internal and external body
  • Guided Chakra Meditation. Connecting with Emotions

Day 4Let that Shit Go: Safe to Love Healthy Hearts

  • Grounding Connecting Body & Breathe Hatha Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Feel the Love Heart Chakra Opening. Self – Love Meditation
  • Lunch
  • Understanding Self-Love and Practical Applications. Developing a Healthy Relationship Self
  • Mindfulness Meditation. Gratitude

Day 5Receiving

  • Yin Yoga Pranayama
  • Breakfast
  • Visit A Traditional Balinese Healer. (Off-site excursion)
  • Lunch
  • Pamper & Receive. Balinese Massage

Day 6Day of Silence

  • Exploring Self: Inner Connection Yoga & Pranayama
  • Breakfast
  • Salt Therapy. Himalayan Salt Cave Treatment
  • Lunch
  • Surrendering in Silence
  • Self-Reflections
  • Self-Listening
  • Self-Embracing
  • Bonfire. Burn & Release

Day 7Leaving on a High Note

  • Laughter Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Secret to Allowing
  • Lunch
  • Closing Sound Healing
  • Detail



    Everyday 6am-4pm


    USD 3,000,- (With accommodation, breakfast, lunch & all retreats activities)


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