Inspiring others to shine their true, authentic light and beauty, she believes that “together, we can achieve many things”.

Yu Fuan Doi (Ayu),

  • Location: Ubud, Indonesia
  • Mobile: 


After decades of specializing in Chinese Literature (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan), Chinese Language and Moral Education (National Institute of Education, Singapore) and Chinese Studies (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Ayu moved to Bali in year 2015. There, she found her authentic spirit and discovered her gift as an intuitive healer.

After years of using her gift helping people become their true, authentic, powerful self, she shares her experiences and exploration in women’s circles, women’s retreats and on-line courses in China.

Her themes of sharing are mainly about ‘Relationship’, ’Emotion’, ’Knowing one self’ and ‘Expressing one true’. She works very well with others, as she believes: ‘together, we can achieve many things.’. Ayu’s present attitude, courage to ride the wave, and self-initiated action in her own life experience, allows her to gain awareness and understanding of her own strengths and weaknesses. This, in turn, allows her to interrelate to others; easily tapping into other’s inner stories and contradictions through honest conversation.

Ayu imagines herself as a self-responsible human who inspires others to shine their true, authentic light and beauty. She wishes to share to more people, the principles of ‘I can live my life, question my experience and change my personal circumstances’.