... Love is untouchable, unshakable, desirable, and without shapes


... Love is untouchable, unshakable, desirable, and without shapes
Love is one of the form of emotions that has different feelings in it, sometimes pleasant, unpleasant, and sometimes neutral.
Love is untouchable, unshakable, desirable, and without shapes.
Love could grow and die within few seconds depend on what we want, and how we nourish it. The formula we adding in to Love, will create the translation about love itself regarding each individual situations in and at every moment.
What is Love actually? Love is just being present, being there for the person or something that you care about which included you, you are, yourself, your life is the very first person and things to be present for.
Being present as in just to be there in rain or shine, in bad or good, non judgment, no expectations, no attachment, full of understanding and compassion, no standard, no “because”, no “that’s why”, no “if”, no “ should”, with fully acceptance, honest, sincere, faithful, trust and surrender. It is not limited by time, space, country, religion, colors, believes, material, language, age, shapes, genders, conditions, the limitations is only the form of the fears.
In pure love, you don’t even have attachment of giving.
Being present doesn’t mean you loose your freedom, can’t be who you are and can’t do what you want.
Love is the enjoyment of every feelings and experiences. Love has no shapes but could transform to different forms. The absence of the presence of being is the sign of the absence of “Love”


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