About Us

Tunjung believes, sharing her love through her work is one of important offerings she can give to the world.

The retreats are formed with the aim of learning, growing and guiding people to find the freedom within themselves to live life with peace. The programs and activities are designed to go back to the inner self, starting with acknowledgement and self-acceptance. Fully be able to understand the situation from all perspectives. Becoming able to forgive; self and situation, as well as to be grateful for every single thing happens in life, small and big.

Together we learn how to take responsibility in our life. Claiming our day-to-day feelings and thoughts and happiness. Classwork is completed in small and big groups. Workshop is a preview – few hours session. While retreats are formed in three, five and seven days. Healing sessions are one-on-one meetings with Tunjung at her healing room in Ubud.

Besides workshop and retreat programs, Tunjung also has “giving back” activities, with people (Balinese, Indonesians, and many multi-international groups), by giving free classes and sessions. This is her way of sharing her love and gratefulness.


Ike Tunjung Bali Healer

I’m not a witch, nor a healer, nor a shaman, nor a guru
I am the soul that is born to this human body to learn the knowledge about the soul itself
And therefore, I was given a task in this lifetime to be a mother
To nurture and to love, and to share wisdom from my own self-learning

I’ve learned from everything and anything
Everything is my teacher
Including things that I’d throw in the loo
Sounds disgusting, but that’s the truth

In every breath I take, I’ve tried to dissolve me
But I’m still very far from that
My ego that’s up to the sky has brought so many colors in my life
With variable taste
Which is okay; some parts I like, some parts I don’t
Overall, I like it so much
I am the soul, that’s experiencing the human body
I need to become one but detach from it

Am I enlightened? I don’t know
Am I awakened? I don’t know
Doesn’t really matter

My vision of life is still the same since I was a child
I only have one purpose, that hasn’t changed
To share with many souls that they are loved
Especially the souls of the innocent children
Children are the roots of the earth and humanity of the future

I believe
As we are in parallel energies
We are all connected to one another
In the collective awareness
I choose to only participate in collective love
Touching the soul through love,
Activates the sacred love within many souls,
Those souls will share and touch one another with love
And love heals wounds

Call me anything, it’s okay
As long as it’s useful for anyone and anything
I am grateful


Our Team

Peter Clifford

Peter’s teaching style reflects his experience as a household yogi and his training in Assam, India.

Nivedita Nannette Isdito

Nannette loves to share knowledge about yoga that provides comprehensive and holistic benefits.

Cahyarani Dharma

Rani’s intuitive expressions of gratitude and her love of sharing is poured through her personal Tarot readings.

Gus Lanang

Gus Lanang believes that there is always something to share and to contribute to this life and world. Always.

Yu Fuan Doi (Ayu)

Through her role in retreats, Ayu easily interrelates with others through honest conversations.