Gentle Flow Therapeutic Yoga

"Om Swastiastu"

Gentle flow therapeutic yoga or Love your body yoga, it’s a combination of some Yoga methods and knowledges that really focus on the connection of breathing, body alighnment and streches, brain stimulation and calming the nervous system.

The class will be focus on :

  • Breath: Promotes full inhalation and exhalation, regulates the breath with full use of the diaphragm, lengthens both the inhalation and the exhalation, and Increases the volume of the entire breath.
  • Physical form: Stretches and opens the front and the back of the body, Promotes strength and flexibility of the muscles supporting the spine, increases the ability to balance and be graceful, Increases the physical ability to use both sides of the body simultaneously, stimulate and synchronize the brain and the body.
  • Nervous System: Calms and stimulate central nervous system, Enhances the ability of the mind to control physical movement.


Yoga Classes :


Tunjung are available for private Yoga classes and Events

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