Upcoming Workshop & Retreats

Kaivalya Art of Letting Go 3 Days RetreatFull three days retreat from 6AM to 6PM every day, start with yoga & pranayama, dharma talk, group exercises, guided self-process, and meditation. The disciplines will acknowledge body and self, covers-traps-layers-leaking, going into deeper understanding. 3 days workshop is to be committed to embrace the inner changes.


Kaivalya Art of Letting Go 7 Days RetreatSeven days retreat is the complete series of the Art of Letting Go: Embracing The Inner Changes. This will go into deeper, richer, and more challenging exercise to self-acceptance, learning about forgiveness and surrender. This full retreat will be great to really have special day-to-day receiving the healing energy from both self and from Tunjung.


Kaivalya Journey to Spiritual Healing 7 Days RetreatThis 7-days retreat is welcoming everybody for those who are interested in self-growth journey, spiritual development, for seekers who are interested in energy and healing, for people who feels something different and experience things outside the logic, and those who feels the calls. This retreat is also providing a set of guidance for healers.


Kaivalya Art of Letting Go WorkshopThe one-day workshop is a fundamental introduction to the basic formula that consists of body movements, self-acknowledgment & internal process. The workshop will be held in 5 hours day-time, starts at 7AM to 1PM.

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Kaivalya Retreat ScheduleSee here for our full retreat schedule in 2017-2018