"Om Swastiastu"

Tunjung is the founder of Kaivalya Spirit

Tunjung Crystal Mandala is a native Balinese who was gifted as a child with psychic and healing abilities. Throughout the years, she obtained certification in yoga and spiritual healing modalities but what makes her unique is her powerful connection to the Divine. Her ancient wisdom is innate and is a gift she has been guided to share. She is skilled in pranic healing, cranio sacral therapy, chakra balancing medical intuition, psychic surgery, as well as tarot, crystal ball and psychic readings. Her hope is that her gifts help others in finding peace and joy, and ultimately gratitude for this life that they have been gifted.


I am a human being, a woman, a mother, a friend, a daughter, a grandchild, a student.
I am happy to be myself and to be in the present moment, do what I do with love and awareness.
I am happy to see other beings happy.
I am grateful to see beings change their life in amazing ways.
I always do the best I can, to work on myself, to be a clear bridge for others.

I am proud to see people willing to take an action to change their life.
I am thankful to people who give their trust to me for a guidance.
I bow to every person who, in their unique way, have taught me about life.
Together, we are all learning. Together we are all born gifted.
Only the path and the journey that make it look different.
I am still learning, fixing, understanding and growing.

When people ask me what I can do, I am challenged how to answer.
All I know is that when a door, a road or an obstacle presents itself in our lives…
I will look inside to find the course of action, to offer guidance, for us to see clearly together.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude when those I work with share stories of how their life changes tremendously and shares the gifts to others to experiences the changes.

That is why, with a deep bow of respect, I have asked my friends whom I have learnt, grown and worked with, to share their story about what I do and who I am from their perspective. Read here

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