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Dear Tunjung,

I am finally back in Paris after a wonderful stay in Singapore, Ubud and in south of France. 

I really wanted to thank you for the kind help you gave me when we met 3 weeks ago. I feel much better since I met you and I know that I will never forget your advices. I like the way you are, charismatic, positiv, ambitious with a strong believe that tomorrow will be wonderful. If you ever plan to come to Paris, do not hesistate to contact me.

Take care

With love,


Laura Biffen

"Tunjung have taught me the beauty of living in the moment. An unforgettable experience that took me through a transformation creating alignment in my physical and inner spirit. This teacher create an accepting and nurturing environment that accepts, nurtures and encourages authenticity. Kaivalya helped me remember my true self and has given me and continues too support me to live my best life. If you are looking for a yoga adventure, fun and friendship it the most beautiful places, Kaivalya is for you."






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