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Louise Larson (Sweden)

Thank you for making me see my inner potential and oppurtunities.

Emma (Cains,Australia)

Tunjung is a beautiful person. I have had a fantastic healing from her today. I would recommended her for anyone looking to improve their well being.

Keith Hynes, Dublin.

I spent August of 2011 in the presents of this wonderful Yogi.
I must say that her Love of Yoga and of Life is a true inspiration to me. It is all about the “LOVE” and how we use it to bring harmony to ourselves and those around us. Tunjung not only shares and teaches this will feeling and joy. She lives it in her daily life.
I can’t wait to spend more time with her as a student. It was a privilege to share time on my Yoga mat with her. 

Diane R (Perth)

Thank you Tunjung for the amazing healing on my swollen/sprained right heel/foot today 28/10/14. I hopped into the session on one foot and at the end, after receiving your healing energy/psychic surgery, I was able to walk out on both feet. Truly gifted healer.....I have never experienced healing at that speed. Also the reading you gave me on 24/10/2014 was so spot on and accurate. I have been to many international readers and healers and you rate as one of the best. Such a beautiful, genuine, gifted soul, thank you. Looking forward to connecting with you again in Bali and/or Perth, mwah Diane R (Perth).

Jacqui xoxo

Dear Tunjung,

Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday, for my reading and my healing. For the first time in ages I had a really great sleep. I feel calm and relaxed and at peace with Kevin. I feel happy in general. You are amazing and a very special lady, keep doing your great work in helping others.

Thank you again

Many blessings to you

Love Jacqui xoxo






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