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I live in Surabaya but admittedly love Bali. First time in Ubud was truly memorable it gave me my new hope in life. I came as a broken person but admittedly was assisted to be fixed by Ibu Tunjung Crystal Mandala! She is a truly genuine Balinese healer! The moment you meet her she knows what’s needed to be fixed and try to assist you without telling her the details because she already knows about it the moment she met you. Once she meets you, it does not stop there.

After my first visit, she became my close friend and I love her! Spa treatment in Pertenin is a bonus too… The first time I was able to sleep in a spa treatment is with them. Once I go back to Ubud, I’ll definitely visit them again.

Jason White

The Kaivalya "Art of Letting Go 3 Days" retreat with Tunjung was an amazing personal experience, one that I know I will always remember.
The format of the retreat was really great as there were a few great excursions around our busy days - also starting the day with sunrise Yoga was excellent (this is coming from someone who thought they disliked yoga).

Tunjung is an amazing person and talented healer. This class was a true course in authenticity ...taught and experienced authentically. I thoroughly recommend to any person who is experiencing change or those who can take a few days out just to check-in with themselves and rebalance.

Thank you Tunjung & the Kaivalya Team.

Jason White (Australia)

Monique Evans

Hi Tunjung,

So happy I decided to come to Florida! Thank you for your support and insight. You always offer a fresh perspective and it reminds me of my own truth.

Thank you for dedicating your life to helping others and thank you for being a great example of someone honoring their truth and walking their path.

Much love and gratitude.

Emmanoushka Smithington

Working with Tunjung for the last year and a half has dramatically enriched my experience of life and empowered me to take my future (and my past) into my own hands and become the master of my own destiny. She is incredibly gifted and intuitive as a healer and a reader, yet never gives out information that is unnecessary for her clients to hear, therefore eliminating any spiritual 'noise' that can sometimes be distracting for someone taking baby steps on their path. She is the real deal, spiritually immersed, Chaneller, healer, reader, psychic, yet fully grounded in the world and able to communicated in a hugely accessible way. She is equally compassionate as she is motivating and 'straight up'.

Tunjung had helped heal me of trauma (both this lifetime and past) and freed me into the realms of endless possibilities where I can creat and choose. I have referred about 15 of my loved ones to Tunjung who have all had incredible experiences, this is a testimony of my trust and confidence in the work that Tunjung does.

Thankyou for everything, I will continue to see you and bring my family to you.


Jen White

Tunjung, your Holy Water pictures look blissful! Thank you for the reading and beautiful healing in Ubud. I felt lighter and happier after my visit. In a strange turn of events I ended up spending the rest of my time in Nyuh Kuning and fell in love with the village and the people living there, so much so that I return with my lovely husband on 3rd January for 5-6 days. I am hoping Rani and I can get away for a few days then.....

Thanks again. I saw your pretty face and thought I'd let you know how appreciative I am of your work.

PS. the garlic really stopped my headaches. See you again soon. Jen White x






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