Tunjung is a Balinese woman that has a natural gift as a clairvoyant and spiritual healer. Tunjung has felt challenged by adversity and loss in her lives. She’s not only have survived but thrived in today’s world. Her growth will never cease but now feel called to support, assist and guide others to self healing and liberation.

In addition to being a certified yoga teacher, she is also a certified spiritual healer. Through her Yoga, meditation and Healing, She wants to help people to liberate their body, mind and soul, to have peaceful and happier life.


She welcomes all who are looking for guidance in their life's journey.

Peter Clifford

Peter Clifford is the founder and principal of Anahata Yoga school, master yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and pioneer of Elemental Yoga including the Five Element Form.Peter has studied and practiced yoga for around 50 years. He has had the honour of studying with many wise and knowledgeable teachers in India including Swami Sarasvati, Aghor Sadhu Shankar, TKV Desikachar, AG Mohan and BKS Iyengar. Combining his study of elemental yoga with a lifelong interest in bio-mechanics, postural integration, anatomy and physiology, Peter has developed a unique, powerful and comprehensive yoga philosophy described as the Dance of Shiva and Shakti.

Peter has been involved with the development and teaching of numerous teacher training courses around the world. His teaching style reflects his experience as a household yogi and his classes are joyous, opening and transformational. His intention is to introduce Santosha's students to the magic of internal yoga and provide them with the ability to apply the philosophy of yoga to all aspects of their daily lives.

Ani Himawati

Ani is an Indonesian woman, an Anthropologist who has experience doing qualitative research and community empowerment project around the country and abroad. With her strong art discipline and community life experience, she is good at facilitating different types of workshops with various groups: communities, women, youth, indigenous, international groups and events in mostly social cultural areas.

Professionally, she works as a consultant for social development project, working with local groups, national NGOs, government, as well as for international aid agencies. Since moving to Bali, two years now she and her friends, including Tunjung Crystal Mandala and Kusumorini Susanto, created a group called Mukabumi, an open creative space for learning – sharing - experimenting regenerative initiatives and technologies. Also since 2015 she has been an active Jedi of Ecobrick movement, spreading the principles-knowledge-method within the country.

She has been into spirituality since at very young age. The call has led her to travel the world, but now she is very happy to be part of Tunjung’s works. She loves learning, and being in self & group process, to grow and live the life consciously, and meaningfully.

Kusumorini Susanto









Monique Martin

Monique Martin was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Pianist, conductor and composer, she holds master degrees in piano performance, orchestra conducting and composition. University professor for more than 30 years and musical director of many ensembles, she was invited to conduct symphonic works as well as operas in Canada, USA and in Europe.

She came to Bali in 2011 where she started her «healing journey» and subsequently became a Certified Yoga teacher, a Spiritual healer, a Certified Tibetan Singing Bowl and Sound Therapist. In Bali, she first learned Yoga Pranala, inspired by the balian Tjokorda Rai’s Energy Healing, she then studied many different types of Spiritual Healing techniques such as Crystals, Energy Healing and developed as well her psychic abilities. In Kathmandu, Nepal, she discovered the Singing Bowls and now holds certificates in this vibrational healing method.

Monique is currently living in Ubud and sharing with open-heart, her musical, intuitive and healing gifts, to help on all physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

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